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You can sell two types of Print Ads with Real Estate Ad Wizard:
Display Ads and Photo Listings.
Photo Listings are semi-display classified real estate ads that feature a single property.
Each individual photo listing ad contains the property image, city name, price, headline, description, agent name, phone number and Real Estate Company selling the property.
Advertisers may choose to include a special message banner over the top or bottom of the image.
Agents place these ads into your paper's weekly real estate photo listing section. Agents select the properties they want to advertise, and they can adjust any ad copy they wish before proof-reading, paying and submitting the ads. You can also offer advertisers pay-by-invoice if you prefer.  Here's an example of a photo listing.

Paginate and Print. At the deadline each week, your paper reviews all the photo listings submitted for that edition, sets the sort order for the ads and the system then paginates them into a single or a multiple page PDF document, ready to print. You can paginate them into partial pages, or into multiple page groups. Real Estate Wizard can paginate 32 pages in under 20 minutes, and automatically send you ready-to-print PDFs for each page. Here is an example of a full page of photo listings.

Display Ads are template based and are generally sold in quarter, half and full page sizes. Realtors easily make their ads by selecting their properties and layout style and choosing "Build Ad". Once built they can adjust and fine tune any elements of the ad before selecting the print schedule, proofreading,  paying and submitting.  Here's an example of a display ad.

Have questions about the print quality for images, or final formats for ads? No worries, give us a call. We can go over image calibration, conversion to CMYK or grayscale, image resolution, PDF versions and any other technical questions you may have. Rest assured, with thousands of ads under our belt, Ad Wizard produces press ready artwork, every time.

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